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Enrollment Is Open Year-Round at Families First Childcare.

To get started, simply complete the enrollment application below, and take a moment to review our valuable resources and policies provided. We want to ensure our childcare center is the best fit for you and your child. After submitting your application, our team will inform you if we have an opening for your child. We look forward to meeting you and your little one!

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Our Pricing

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AGES 0-2


Toddle Care Icon


AGES 2-3


Preschool Care Icon


AGES 3-4


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AGES 5-12


Two-Step Enrollment

  1. Complete and submit your child’s Enrollment Application.

  2. Download and read our Parent Handbook.

Special Assistance:

  • We accept DHS Assistance Daycare Benefits.

  • In collaboration with the Education Service District, we offer carefully curated special education services for children who need additional support. We integrate these children and their unique learning abilities into our regular classrooms. Through this inclusive environment, we strive to nurture every child’s potential.

Boy at table intentent working on a drawing during class

Please review the following information about Families First Childcare’s policies:

  1. Nutritious Snacks Menu

  2. Required Immunizations

  3. We kindly request that parents provide their child with a nutritious breakfast and lunch. We are happy to offer guidance regarding the best practices for child nutrition.

  4. Our childcare center is a PEANUT & PISTACHIO FREE environment. Please use alternative nut butters when packing a meal for your child.

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