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We Make Learning Fun and Easy!

Our mission at Families First Childcare is to meet your child wherever they are in their learning journey and provide opportunities for exploration and growth. 


To bolster your child's development, we provide an engaging environment and dynamic lessons that encourage collaboration, nurture curiosity, and promote reciprocity. These elements serve as strong pillars in fostering your child's growth and overall learning journey.

Play-based learning activities that spark creativity are highly effective for children's learning. However, their learning experience is further enhanced when they have a co-learner who shares their enthusiasm for acquiring knowledge. Together, they thrive and achieve even greater educational outcomes.

A group of children and a teacher at Parachute Play

Educational Programs That Create Joyful Learners!

Our early childhood educational programs expand your child’s small world by:

  • Encouraging age-appropriate play

  • Developing self-advocacy and self-care skills

  • Building patience and respect for others

  • Fostering collaboration between children and their teachers

  • Helping children concentrate on learning. 

Our Childcare Center Opened in Boardman to Meet an Urgent Need

Families First Childcare was established in response to the pressing demand during the pandemic for reliable childcare services to support working parents who couldn't stay home with their children.

In September 2020, Boardman Foods decided to reimagine and expand its existing after-school program, which had been successfully running for 18 years.

Debbie Radie, the COO at Boardman Foods, played a pivotal role in spearheading the creation of Families First Childcare and continues to provide ongoing support and leadership. Her dedication ensured that Boardman families had access to a safe and nurturing professional daycare option they desperately needed.

Initially, the childcare center began in a single schoolroom borrowed from the Morrow County School District, catering to 15 school-age children requiring support with remote learning.

Over time, the center expanded, and by 2022, Families First Childcare opened its second preschool classroom. It has since grown to encompass five classrooms, serving children across four different age groups — infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and school-age children. Today, Families First Childcare provides care and support to more than 80 children.

Kids on the playgroung at the Families First campus
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